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What brought me here

Anxiety has always been something I’ve felt present in the background of my life. I spent years worrying about what other people might think of me, mind often paranoid, experiencing tension & holding even whilst brushing my teeth, or taking a walk, unable to relax, living in the mode of fight or flight. It became so crippling at times that I would numb through food, alcohol, work and social media.


Realising that to move past the pain and discomfort of this feeling meant turning to look directly at it, I spent the last 10 years exploring a whole range of practices including meditation, yoga and plant medicine, all things that have, and continue to support me in feeling more balanced, grounded and connected. Whilst they helped me to feel better the change of state never lasted long and I felt like I wasn’t getting to the core of what was causing my experience of suffering.


Breathwork for me, was the starting point to experience lasting change. It has helped me to get to the root of my anxiety and see not only the cause but also the solution, simply through nurturing my relationship to the breath.


What I love most about this practice is its simplicity - all it asks of you is to lie down and breathe, knowing that the rest will take care of itself.

Ready to breathe?

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