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What is FBR


The way you breathe is the way you live and experience life. Breath is key, and our capacity to breathe optimally is our capacity to experience health & well-being on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Consider a time where you’ve stopped yourself from crying, or feeling and expressing a big emotion; or perhaps you’ve had someone tell you that it’s not ok to cry, or that anger is bad?


What did your body need to do in order to control, deny and/ or push down that emotion? Perhaps tension, contraction, or holding? Consider what impact that bodily reaction may have had on your breath. And then think about what that might mean were you to do this repeatedly over a longer period of time, until it’s just a habit or natural impulse that takes place without thought.


To continually hold back and suppress your experience of an emotion the body has to react. All emotions or experiences that aren’t given the space to be fully seen, felt and expressed will remain unprocessed & stored in the body, and therefore unprocessed & stored as a pattern in the way that you breathe (ultimately effecting all other physiological systems of the body). 


Once this pattern starts to function on a subconscious level (simply a habit that you’ve grown accustomed to that continues to run in the background of your life), your sense of self rests built around the dysfunctional pattern and changing that will feel hard.


FBR is a way to reverse the experience and to return to an essential foundation of balance and health.

What is FBR Detil

What is

Facilitated Breath Repatterning (FBR) is a breathwork practice that uses

Conscious Connected Breathing and bodywork to restore the healthy mechanics & rhythms of your breath by gradually supporting the body to feel safe, and in doing so, breathe fully and dynamically again.


By inviting you to breathe in this way, unprocessed emotions, sounds and movements that have been preventing you from living more fully can emerge to be felt, seen and expressed.


Releasing these patterns, and teaching the body a new way of being can

re-establish heathy breathing mechanics, that will in turn create balance throughout the nervous system restoring physical, mental and emotional well being on all levels.

Examples of improved health

Emotional awareness

and capacity




stress / anxiety 

Deep wisdom

and clarity

Nervous System




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