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1st option
1 hour filming session.

4 hours editing, resulting in a 20 seconds montage video with music.

1 revision

Investment £250 was £500

2nd option
2 hour filming session.
1 day editing, resulting in a 30-40 seconds montage video with music.

2 revision

Investment £350 was £800

3rd option
4 hour filming session with voice-over.

2 day editing, resulting in a 1-2 minutes montage video with music.
2 revision

Investment £500 was £1000



Don't feel limited by one large payment.

Spread it out over time to make it feel accessible.


I’m here to capture the essence of your individual story in a powerful and meaningfully way.


All details in regards to the shoot,  production and what you’re looking for can be discussed over email, or if you’d prefer to chat in person I’m happy to jump on a quick call.


Initially, what I’d love to hear from you are all of your thoughts & ideas around what you’re hoping to achieve via the video, for example, is it to highlight your brand; to show people your offerings; or to capture the essence of your own personal practice? 


Once I know what you need, I can help to shape a unique package that will truly convey your message, offering options such as visual style, clothing, colour palettes and locations that will help to empower and compliment your overall message.


I personally love to shoot with as much natural light as possible, it results in a much better quality of image with richer textures and accurate colours. Filming can take place outside, in a studio, at home, or any other location you have available to us.


I work with a flexible schedule shooting both weekdays and weekends, dates and times can be discussed together to find something suitable to your needs. Please note that if we arrange to shoot outside that this will be weather dependent, and if we have to rearrange due to bad weather conditions we can absolutely do this, and fix a date at the next earliest convenience for us both. If you need to cancel for any personal reasons I require at least 48hrs notice.


Video Options each include: video equipment, lighting, sound, editing, colour grading, sound mixing, copyright free music, exports for social platforms.

Video Options don’t include: location hire (if applicable), additional crew, any additional planning/ organisation (at your request) like location scouting, prop hire etc.



I believe that telling a great story comes from having great passion. 


My passion is to capture the essence of those who embrace a spiritual practice in today’s busy modern world.


The aim of my work is to help others share their own unique stories, in the hopes to inspire, to uplift, to remind us that there’s an experience of life that waits for us beyond our everyday.

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