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Paw-fully Cool Pet Therapy Benefits

Furthermore, most of the previous studies have focused on those individuals who are either critically ill or have behavioural disabilities [56,57,58]. Additionally, whilst there are a considerable number of studies that have examined the impact of certified therapy dogs on humans, there is very little research on the benefits of a novel dog on those populations. A novel dog is a typical house-trained dog that is not purposefully trained like therapy dogs to know how to react in response to human emotions, instead working off their own instinct, and are unfamiliar to the participant [47]. This gap in the research was discovered in both studies by Polheber and Matchock [46] and McDonald et al. [47]. Lastly, there are only a few studies which allow participants to have individual sessions, with many studies and AAT sessions operating single drop-in sessions [30,31].

Paw-fully Cool Pet Therapy Benefits

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Animals provide many therapeutic and health benefits. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, pet therapy can aid in achieving human physical, social, emotional and cognitive function goals. Pet therapy visits typically last a few minutes and can help reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, promote social interaction and provide encouragement and motivation during the treatment and recovery process.

The best form of medical care does not always require a prescription or a procedure. A visit from a furry friend can go a long way while in a hospital or medical setting. There is growing evidence and research that proves medical benefits from pet assisted therapy. These benefits include lowering and/or stabilizing blood pressure, reducing pain and anxiety, motivating physical activity, and encouraging communication.

Pet massage is just like human massage. It relieves muscle tension, which can help soothe both the body and mind. Designed to mimic human touch, the PAW WAVE is a way to reward and bond with our furry friends while giving them the benefits of massage therapy.

Dogs, cats, horses and other animals can benefit enormously from massage therapy. These benefits can include improved mobility, increased circulation and reduced aches and pains. As with humans, massage also can benefit the mental well-being of animals by reducing stress or anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Also on hand was City of Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and MUSC Health Charleston CEO David Zaas, M.D., both of whom celebrated the program and all of its benefits. In addition to impassioned words from the aforementioned pet therapy advocates, the event featured food (hot dogs, naturally), dog treats, dog toys, even a kissing booth where people could get a smooch from a pooch.

A new student organization, Paws at Iowa, plans to work for therapy animals to become more commonplace at the UI. Several organization members attested to the many mental health benefits therapy animals provide.

Jake is a 6-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever from Erie, PA. He is a certified/registered therapy dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Jake has become a champion for the benefits of our animal companions and mental health. He began working with his mom at Gannon University while working as adjunct faculty in the nursing department teaching mental health. Jake quickly became a favorite of students, faculty, and staff, providing hugs, laughs, and a devoted friend for difficult days. 076b4e4f54