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How to Register and Activate Amplitube 2 with Serial Authorization Code

How to Register and Activate Amplitube 2 with Serial Authorization Code

Amplitube 2 is a guitar amp and effects modeling software that allows you to create realistic guitar tones on your computer. If you have purchased Amplitube 2, you will need to register and activate it with a serial authorization code. Here are the steps to do that:

Amplitube 2 Serial Authorization Code

  • Launch the Authorization Manager and log in with your IK Multimedia user account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free.

  • Click on the "Add Serial" button and enter your serial number for Amplitube 2. The serial number is the one that starts with "ATX20-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX". You can find it in your User Area / My Products page on the IK Multimedia website.

  • Click on the "Authorize" button and follow the instructions to complete the activation. You may need to connect your computer to the internet or use another computer if your computer is offline.

  • Once the activation is done, you can launch Amplitube 2 as a standalone application or as a plug-in in your DAW. Enjoy!

Note: If you have an older version of Amplitube 2 that is not supported by the Authorization Manager, you will need to use a different method to register and activate it. Please refer to this FAQ for more information: and Tricks for Amplitube 2

Amplitube 2 is not only a great tool for recreating classic Fender tones, but also a versatile platform for experimenting with different effects and settings. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Amplitube 2:

  • Use the Red Special pedal to boost your signal and add some treble bite. This pedal is based on the custom-built guitar of Brian May, the legendary guitarist of Queen. You can turn it on or off by clicking on the RS button on the bottom right corner of the pedalboard. You can also adjust the level and tone of the pedal by clicking on the knobs.

  • Try different power settings for the Deacy amp. This amp is a replica of the homemade amplifier that John Deacon, the bassist of Queen, built from an old radio. It has a unique sound that can be altered by changing the power supply. You can use a battery or a wall socket, and adjust the voltage from 0 to 12 volts. The lower the voltage, the more distorted and compressed the sound.

  • Create your own presets and save them for later use. Amplitube 2 allows you to customize your rig with different amps, cabs, mics, effects, and settings. You can also mix and match components from different presets to create your own unique tones. To save your preset, click on the Save button on the top right corner of the interface, and give it a name and a category.