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Tomb Raider 3 Mac Download

Everything in this download's included Hints, Cheats, and Walkthru files is also found in The Game Doctor utility (available on mg) - with the exception that there are three more hidden areas in Lara's "Home" that Game Doctor tells us how to access but the files here do not. You can sneak into another section of Lara's Attic, Lara's Basement, and her "Race Course" on the Grounds outside.

Tomb Raider 3 Mac Download

Download File:

IMPORTANT: Many people have emailed to say that these cheats don't work. It may have to do with some systems not accepting multiple alphanumeric keys at the same time. If they don't work for you, consider using a savegame editor to add extra weapons or ammo. Or, if you're trying to skip a level, you could download a saved game instead.

I'm not aware of any of the usual PC/Mac cheat codes for this game. However, there are trainers you can download and detailed instructions for entering command line parameters, including all-weapons, flying and god mode. provides the most detail, so please visit them to download trainers or read detailed command line instructions.

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft is a British video game developed by now-defunct CORE Design and published by EIDOS (Now part of Square Enix), released on PC and PlayStation in 1998, with a mini-sequel The Lost Artifact (titled The Lost Artefact in Europe) released in 2000 for the PC. It was added to the PlayStation Network in 2009, and as a PC digital download from Steam and GOG in 2012. The 3rd instalment in the Tomb Raider series follows British archaeologist and explorer Lara Croft as she travels the world to discover pieces of an ancient meteorite made from a strange material that grants its users special powers. As Tomb Raider III and The Lost Artifact both use the same weapon models, they are both listed on this page.

i am using crossover 21.1.0 for mac and shortly bought the Tombraider trilogy on GOG. Tombraider II is running perfectly but Tonbraider I + III does not even start. Did anyone manage to get these two running ?

For Tomb Raider 1 you don't actually need Crossover.The GOG version uses a bundled DOSBox-x installation. You can get this working by downloading the Mac version of dosbox-x (x86 and ARM versions are available) from here: copy the Tomb Raider 1 folder from the GOG Games directory of the bottle to somewhere outside, e.g. your home directory ().For ease rename the copied folder to tr1In this folder there is a dosboxTR_soft.conf file. Edit this and change the mount / imgmount lines to the following.

Hi, so glad I found this thread as I'm having problems getting the GOG Tomb Raider games working too, I've contacted GOG support, but they sent me straight to Codeweavers. No issues with TR2 in Crossover, couldn't get TR1 to play, so will try the dosbox download suggested in this forum, but my problem is TR3! I had installed the GOG executable (using Crossover) & was playing it fine a year or so ago, then accidentally deleted the bottle. Installed it again recently & it now asks for the TR3 cd & won't let me launch. I don't have a disc drive of any sort, so can't do the "burning to a disc" trick that's suggested for this game. Please can anyone help, as I was near the end of this game & would love to finish it :(

Shadow of the Cat: After recent floods in Khamoon, Lara returns to the local tomb to make further studies of the mysterious cat statue. When she returned, she saw that the main chamber was completely flooded - making more areas accesible and opening new opportunities for exploration. Lara explores new areas of the city and eventually uncovers the existence of a temple dedicated to the cat-goddess Bast, which houses a huge golden cat statue.

The game is centered on Lara Croft, an English archaeologist, who searches for hidden treasures throughout the world. In a very similar way to Indiana Jones, the heroine explores the most dangerous places in the world, such as unstable mountains or ancient temples full of traps. In this particular installment, the protagonist is hired to search for a strange artifact in a hidden tomb in Peru. But as the story unfolds, it is soon revealed that it is a much more complicated mission than Lara thought. This is because she quickly begins to unravel mysteries, betrayals, and starts a new and long quest.

The Artifacts and Relics you find in the game are stored in your profile. So, using a Saved Game below does not affect your personal statistics. If you want everything unlocked, download and install TombRaiderHub's profile and follow the instructions you will find in the ZIP file.

Amazon Luna is creeping up on Stadia when it comes to availability. The company has announced that the platform is now available for anyone interested who owns a Fire TV, departing from its initial invite-only approach to distributing the service. Luna still remains in its Early Access phase, though.New customers can download the Luna app on their Fire TV and sign up for a 7-day free trial without having to wait for approval. This broadens the service's availability and makes it much easier to get in on the action, especially if you already own a compatible Fire TV. Amazon has also announced that its controller can now be purchased without an invitation on But you can just connect your existing compatible Bluetooth controller to your Fire TV if you already have one.Amazon's approach to game streaming is a little different from Google's. Instead of an optional Pro tier with