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Hey, Have You Heard About…Cal Banda

In the wake of the high-profile murders of Elizalde and Gómez, among others, some prominent corrido musicians postponed concert dates in certain parts of Mexico.[32] Narcocorrido singers travel with relative ease and security inside the United States, but many Mexican American narcocorrido singers take extra precautions while venturing into Mexico by hiring extra security, traveling in well-guarded caravans, not being as open to the public in larger concerts, and limiting their tours in high violence cities in Mexico. Others have said they are afraid to sing narcocorridos in public for fear of offending the wrong person.[28] Likewise, some vendors of narcocorrido CDs have reported low sales, citing fear among listeners of buying a CD featuring songs favoring one group of traffickers over another.[28] The Zetas cartel has been known to torture and kill online and social media bloggers who speak about them. In one incident, the tortured and mutilated bodies of a man and a woman who had posted about cartels on social media were found hanging of a bridge in the city of Nuevo León, in September 2011. A sign stating, "This is going to happen to all the Internet busybodies", was found next to them signed with the letter Z.[33]

Hey, have you heard about…Cal Banda

Jarrett Seidler: He's hitting nearly exactly what we expected him to given that run environment, and I haven't heard nor seen any significant profile changes. It's up a little just because of the natural order of things -- if your performance is static and acceptable as you move up and stay healthy, your stock is always ticking up a little...

LucasDad (MPLS): I am I going to get any value out of Bird or Dahl this season? Spent a pretty penny on them in my auction draft this year, and can keep 12...would like to have a big enough sample this year to make a decision about them for next year. Have not even seen any recent news on Dahl lately.

Jarrett Seidler: They're both in the DSL. Foreign complex leagues are a huge blind spot for the public scouting community. I've heard better things about Robert than Lazarito, for whatever that's worth.

Jarrett Seidler: I always have to check to make sure we're talking about Francis Martes and not Frankie Martes. Does anyone else have to?Martes projects as a starter with a relief fallback. (Montas projects as a reliever all the way.)

Jarrett Seidler: Don't think we've had eyes on him and I haven't heard much chatter. As weird as it sounds, minor league relievers popping triple digits just isn't that notable an event anymore.

Venezuelans have suddenly become the second-largest nationality at the U.S. border after Mexicans, a tough challenge for President Joe Biden. Nearly four out of five who were stopped by U.S. authorities in August entered in or near Eagle Pass, Texas, across from Piedras Negras, a Mexican city of about 150,000 people with scarce shelter space. 076b4e4f54


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