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Hi I'm Jack  f you're looking to self create high quality video content for your clients, but don't know what equipment to buy, or how to set it up, then I can help.


I’ve spent the last 2-3 years working alongside yoga teachers and studios helping them to produce online video content for their students. I understand what’s needed in order to set up in an affordable, efficient and more importantly sustainable way, so that teachers & studios can  worry less about the technology and give more to their teaching.

How can I help?

Get started

Price £35

Schedule a 30 minute chat with me, so that we can address your budget, and what you’re hoping to create. From this, I’ll provide you with a full equipment list, including where to purchase, that will best suit your individual needs and have you set up to go in a matter of days.

Set up support

I want to acknowledge that sometimes it’s not as simple as getting the equipment and hitting record. For those that are feeling the need for additional support (like how to set up all the bits and pieces, camera settings, lighting, sound, streaming, editing etc.) I can assist.

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